New Financial Tools in Sports Engine

Sports Engine is a great platform that can do just about anything. We’ve been using Sports Engine for many of our clubs for years now. And now, they’re releasing one of their best updates. Check out the full breakdown as well as instructional videos below!

So you’re rolling out new financial tools, huh? What does that really mean for my organization? What do I need to do to ensure my season and registration run smoothly?

You’ve come to the right place… Below you will find information on the release of our new financial tools that have been happening through 2022 and into 2023. We have been quietly releasing new reporting, discount functionality, and payment plan enhancements to ensure your season goes off without a hitch. See the full breakdown of the new tools vs the old tools here.

We also know how important reliability and security can be when it comes to your financials, so rest assured, these updates have gone through rigorous testing and won’t cause any downtime or disruption as you begin using them.

  • Reduce headaches of returned checks with account balance verification whenever people checkout using a checking account (US only)
  • Faster insight with high-impact visual reports like ‘Payouts’ and ‘Receivables’
  • Empower your parents to choose the best payment plan that works for them when signing up with your organization without risking your cash flow
  • Flexibility to adjust someone’s payment plan in case unexpected changes occur during the season or year
  • Gain a better understanding of expiring credit cards before the end of a payment plan to allow you to take action with members

Want to learn more? Check out the videos below to dive deeper into our new financial tools and hear directly from Director, Product Management, Shawn Heller on the benefits they will bring you and your organization. 

As always, if you are a current SportsEngine HQ customer, you will find help resources, training videos, and access to our Support Team from the “Need Help” button in your HQ account. 

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