Club Resources

At Sports Office, we work with various vendors and companies to help run our organizations on a day-to-day basis. Our staff has experience using almost any platform you can imagine in today’s market. We are always happy to make recommendations for you based on your needs and preferences.

With so many options to choose from, we’ve listed a few of our favorites companies. We are constantly looking for newer and better services and companies to recommend.

If you have any questions, contact us today!

Pricing guide:

  • $: low pricing
  • $$: mid pricing
  • $$$: high pricing

Score Sports Apparel

Score Sports are great for delivering large volumes of uniforms at a great price. An excellent for recreational soccer programs of all sizes.

Pricing: $ is great for custom, online ordering. Best for travel programs where orders can be placed by families and delivered straight to the family.

Pricing: $$

Gear Republic

Gear Republic is a great distributor for clubs located in the south East and Mid Atlantic, US. Great brands and a team store that gives you back a percentage; this is an ethical apparel option.

Pricing: $

Angelo's Soccer Corner

Angelo’s Soccer Corner is a great distributor for clubs located in the North East and Mid Atlantic, US. With great brands and physical locations, this is a go-to local option.

College Fit Finder

College Fit Finder (CFF) is the go-to college recruiting software for all clubs and organizations. Let your players create their own college profiles, find information about the schools, and connect with thousands of college coaches. Coaches and managers can easily print professional college brochures for games, tournaments, and events. CFF provides dozens of tools for you and your players to improve the college recruiting experience.

Pricing: $$

Sports Connect/Affinity

This registration platform is a great starting point for new clubs. This platform integrates with US Youth Soccer states that use Affinity for player carding purposes.

Pricing: $$

Sports Engine

Sports Engine is a great platform for clubs with multiple programs and needs for dynamic branding. Has a powerful back-end platform and a good front-end website builder.

Pricing: $$


Playmetrics is a great app-based system with easy to manage registration as well as an emphasis on coaching. The system is designed to allow clubs to create coaching resources to be used for years to come

Pricing: $


Demosphere is a great platform for clubs looking to get a strong grasp on the financial side of things with easy to use registration for families, and simple tools for clubs to adjust pricing, payment plans, and more! Great for states that use Demosphere for club carding.

Pricing: $$


TeamSnap is one of the best communication tools available for teams with the recent addition of registration. TeamSnap allows the club, directors, and managers to control different levels of communication, scheduling, and more all from your phone or computer.

Pricing: $$$


GotSoccer is great for clubs looking to control multiple aspects of functionality including scheduling, league registration, financials, and more. Great for soccer states that use GotSoccer or GotSport for carding purposes.

Pricing: $$


LeagueApps is a strong platform on almost all fronts. With easy to use registration for both players and team registration (for tournaments), LeagueApps has you covered. Great for Lacrosse Clubs.

Pricing: $$$

Wix is a great tool for simple custom websites. A great place to get an affordable, functional, and eye-catching website.

Pricing: $


WordPress websites are some of the most customizable and dynamic websites on the market. Make sure to have some understanding of website building before getting started, or just ask us to help! Be prepared to have the most stunning website for your club.

Pricing: $$$


MailChimp is great for first-time users of email marketing. Simple and easy to use, transform the brand of your club into a professionally branded organization.

Pricing: $

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is great for clubs with larger and more segmented user bases for email marketing. This service allows you to be more dynamic with your email marketing including stronger branding for player invites, general messages, and marketing.

Pricing: $

We Build You Play

We Build You Play is a tournament company that will source most of the aspects of hosting a tournament. From housing to vendors, they ensure that your attendees have the best experience possible.

Pricing: $$