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Full-Time Administration

Virtual staff available 12 hours a day to help with phone and email communication, club and program management, and all on-demand tasks.

Trained Expert Staff

No training needed. Our staff is trained in customer service, technology solutions, all sports software and platforms, and industry knowledge nationwide.

Organization & Program Management

Sports Office provides best practices for you as needed. The combination of effective organization and program management we've seen implemented across the country to great success.

Made to Fit Your Budget

Sports Office works with not-for-profits and for-profits of all sizes. We beat out the cost of hiring a single part-time employee.

“Our services have been proven to centralize your organization’s internal operations, remove time-consuming burdens off your shoulders, and give you the ability to focus on running your club at a higher level.”

– Jamie Lowe, President and Founder
Jamie 1080

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Louis Richard

Executive Director, FC Dallas Emerald Coast

Growing the Club

``This is a quick example of how Sports Office handles our calls & emails: A potential member moving into town from overseas sent a note to our info@ email address. Sports Office responded to the potential member, answered his initial questions, collected data we need to align him w/the right team/coach, and funneled him to a point of contact that will get the player a tryout within 48 hours of his arrival in town. Approx. 30 of these types of admin actions a day!``

Rusty Brown

President, Delmarva Blast Soccer Club

They Do It All

``For those of you who don't know these guys... These guys are our Soccer Office Staff! They work behind the scenes and do so many things for our Delmarva Blast Soccer Club! Thank you guys for all that you do!!! DBSC give them all your love and all they need!``